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Prodo is a digital advertising sales expert. With over 20 years of industry knowledge to hand we have amassed enviable partnerships for live events, reality TV shows, social media platforms and sporting events to name but a few.

Our partner’s events attract millions of viewers across multiple countries. Our job is to make sure we match you to the right audience and convert your advertising spend into profitable returns. By developing a strategic plan that aligns with your company's vision, values and goals you can rest assured that your brand is in the right hands to attract a brand new global audience.

Check out our latest sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Super Bowl LV

Make the most out of your marketing budget on one of the world’s biggest stages. Every year the Superbowl attracts 120m+ in this spectacular event that bonds fans, families and communities across the World.

Stars On Ice Canadian Tour 2021

Stars on Ice brings together a cast of Canada’s most decorated skaters and breakout stars for the 2021 tour. Fans can relive the amazing artistry, excitement and athletic triumph of Canada’s skating superstars.

TSU Live

Because of its unique commercial model TSU reaches 2m users globally rising to 10m when it launches to the general public in January 2021. TSU live is the primary channel for tsu social users globally, airing original content to its user base.

Your gateway to global traffic

From the world stage of The Super Bowl to pirouetting around the rink with Stars on Ice, Prodo will connect you to established audiences of renowned brands, driving new traffic to your products and elevating your brand in ways you only imagined.

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