Stars On Ice Tour 2021 - Title

Title Sponsorship Package

  1. Company’s name/logo included on all print, electronic, and digital advertising and promotional materials (incl. posters, brochures, tickets, credentials, invitations, programs, running orders, stationery, e-newsletters, press releases, press kits, etc.).
  2. One full-page colour advertisement and one full-page of editorial in the Official Program.
  3. Right to arrange photos and videos of the performers for social media purposes and internal purposes (use of such must not imply endorsement).
  4. Right to conduct national and local promotions in conjunction with the Tour.
  5. Right to use the Tour affiliation in all advertising and promotions (i.e. “Title Sponsor of Company Stars on Ice”).
  6. Hyperlink between Tour and Company’s websites.
  7. 10 on-ice seats and 90 prime tickets per show.
  8. 100 invitations to the Skater warm-ups per show.
  9. Right to host two post-show receptions (60 min/50 guests each). All skaters to attend.
  10. Company’s participation in national and local public relations activities.
  11. Company’s product category exclusivity.
  12. There will be four (4) LED video panels displayed at ice level on the four (4) corners of the ice that will display one sponsor’s logo during each of the approx. 20 numbers skated in each live show. Company’s logo will be the only logo featured in a minimum of 50% of the numbers, with each number approx. 3½ minutes long. Therefore, company’s logo will be the exclusive logo seen for 35 minutes of each show.
  13. Company’s TV commercial may run two times at each live show (just prior to show and at intermission) on the LED panels.
  14. Company listed on the venue marquee as part of the show listing (subject to venue approval).
  15. Public address announcements at each show.
  16. Right to booth space in the venue concourse for product display/sampling (subject to venue approval) and coupon distribution.
  17. Entitlement of national television special.
  18. Four (4) :30 commercial units in the national television special.
  19. Title rights including opening and closing billboards.
  20. Category exclusivity within the telecast.
  21. Television visibility for the LED video panels.

Other Items